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Now he sent photo of his runner use to burn ppl gate bfre , he say if i never pay he will ask smeone come tonight burn my gate and make sure he wants me to beg him and apologise then pay up to $5000 after that 🙄 he say i will die all that ********
Change your number lah...if not you will never be free from the stress.
These LS will use fear and "face" to make you scared and intidimated.
And go install your CCTV - Dont need to wait for Town Council approval first.
Your sister or anyone in the family - inform and train them to be alert and vigilant - Do not divulge any of your details to anyone over the door or mobile phone or internet.

Simply said - Stay off the grid. Once your CCTV is up - they will think twice to come up to your house. Even if they do - your CCTV will have capture their face and u can bring that to the Police to nab them.

LAstly - relax..the more you stress and panick, the higher chance you will give in to them. Stand tough and take the good advices that are repeated here in the thread since day 1. UML wont stand a chance if we show them that we can stand firm.

If you need counselling - there are various groups available to help you mentally and emotionally.
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