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Need some advice
Ive decided to completely stop.
Nok infmed, police infm..
Work.... My boss doesnt like ma fan and he hates to hear such things happening to his staff. I seriously need this job because it pays me well. Cant find another one like this with current economy...

One al is famous for spamming office, posting on fb etc.. I really wish to stop but if i lose my job, how?

Wat will u do? I wont make anymore trf already. Not even cash dep.

PAss cash? Or jus dont do anything?
The police said they will continue to take tough enforcement action against those involved in the loan shark business. This includes taking action against people who open or give away their bank accounts to aid unlicensed moneylenders.

Loan sharks are increasingly sending unsolicited loan advertisements via text messages or online platforms, police added.

Members of the public are reminded not to reply or respond to these advertisements, and to report the numbers as spam.

Nuff said...just be strong and you will get thru this.
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