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Key Facts about Nov 2018 Tengah BTO

  1. The land has been cleared. HDB stated the NOV 2018 flats will be ready in 4-5 years.
  2. It will be 100m to 460m away from the Tengah Plantation MRT.
  3. It will be next to the Tengah Plantation Neighbourhood Center. (i.e) There will be a small shopping mall, Community Club, food center.
  4. It is 270m - 600m away from a proposed childcare and school.
  5. There will be a vertical strip of land for farming called the plantation farmway.
  6. It is next to Bukit Batok road, a medium busy road.
  7. HDB will sell 9 plots of residential areas in Plantation district in the next 2-4 years. (BTO/Private unknown)
  8. The only significant primary school within 1 km radius is Princess Elizabeth Primary School (Ranked 45)
  9. Schools nearby (Within 6 km radius) include:
    - Bukit Batok Secondary School
    - Milennia Institute
    - Jurongville Secondary School
    - Bukit View Secondary
    - Keming Primary (Rank 63)
    - Fuhua Secondary
    - Hong Kah Secondary
    - Hong Kah Primary (Merged)
    - Jurong Junior College
    - Lianhua Primary
    - Hillgrove Secondary
  10. It is 500m away from Dulwich college, an international school catering kids from ages 2 - 17.
  11. There is no sound of jets from Tengah Airbase as it is far away.
  12. Less than 3 minutes drive to PIE, which leads to major destinations.
  13. Far enough from PIE that there is no sound.
  14. Nearby prexisting amenities include:
    (At least 20 mins walk, 30 mins bus ride)
    - West Mall
    - Yuhua Village Market
    - Bukit Batok Street 11 Food Centre

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