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Transport Concerns
  1. [PRO] Nov 2018 is directly next to Tengah Plantation MRT, which will link to Jurong East in 4 stops.
  2. [CON] Tengah Plantation MRT is not an interchange for JRL. You need to transfer trains at Tengah MRT (1 stop away) to go to Boon Lay/Choa Chu Kang/NTU.
  3. [PRO/CON] Nov 2018 is 300m away from the bus priority road, which I expect most major arterial buses should ply.
  4. [CON] Tengah is blocked off from Jurong by major expressway PIE. Only Bukit Batok road currently serve as a direct route which is likely to be jammed once Tengah is in full swing. (but it is a very wide road)
  5. [PRO] If you are able to cycle and if Tengah implements PMD/Bike sharing well, getting to major amenities like Town Center (Tengah MRT) will be around 3-5 mins.
  6. [CON] Only 1 nearby petrol station (Shell). Those that are being planned are quite out of the way.
  7. [PRO] 3-4 mins drive from PIE, which is a major plus.

    Design Concept
  8. [PRO] Nov 2018 will be next to the community center and farming plots, which include farmers markets and
  9. [CON] Are Singaporeans civic-mindedness enough to be able to organise communal farming? Or will the farming plots be an ugly gated community?
  10. [CON] No indication that roads will be underground for NOV 2018. Car-free vision is a myth.
  11. [CON] 1280 units for the plot size indicates that the maximum height of the flat should be 10-20 storeys. Most people would prefer a higher rise living. (Either low-rise or there is plenty of living space in the design)
  12. [PRO] The design concept of the childcare is attractive - A childcare with plenty of roaming spaces and a dedicated land instead of being cramped under HDB flats nowadays.
  13. [PRO] Space space and more space + greenery is what Tengah offers.
  14. [CON] There should be a major mall 500m away from NOV 2018.
  15. [CON] Extremely long waiting time for amenities to be built. (2028 for JRL, WTF?)
  16. [CON] MRT is aboveground and noise pollution/privacy will be a problem for some units.
  17. [PRO] Tengah Airbase is nearby but NOV 2018 is unlikely to be affected by the sound as it is too far.
    Investment approach
  18. [PRO] Can Jurong Innovation District be the One-north of the west?
  19. [CON] People working in Jurong Innovation district will want to rent the homes nearer to JID.
  20. [CON] All things being considered, Tengah MRT is the town center of Tengah, not Tengah Plantation MRT. 2 massive shopping malls will be planned near Tengah MRT, which is a major transport interchange. There are 5 plots of land near Tengah MRT that should be more attractive for buyers that are not in a hurry to get a flat/looking to buy a HDB to flip years later.
  21. [PRO] You will be buying at the literal price floor for Tengah (As more amenities gets built, Tengah center will rise in value)
  22. [CON] There are no top 20-30 primary/secondary/tertiary schools nearby within 2 km range. Bad for investment.
  23. [PRO] Hospital planned 1.2km away
  24. [CON] There is nothing attractive about plantation district that appeals to young people.
  25. [CON] There is nothing major being planned for Tengah outside of JID - Don't expect any property effects spillover from Jurong Business District into Tengah - It is simply too far.

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