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Tengah seems like a very liveable place if HDB executes their vision of a smart estate and a forest town properly.
However, the first few flats will be an absolute guinea pig for this experiment. It can go south too.

I believe there are better plots of land in Tengah that will be nearer to planned major amenities. (Near Tengah MRT).

If you can wait a few more years (5-10 years) before BTOing, then go for Tengah MRT plots.
If you can only wait for 1-2 more years, wait for a better plot in the Tengah plantation district. (I am eyeing the one opposite the current NOV 2018 plot, which should be in next year's exercise.
If you must apply for this current one, it isn't a bad choice too.

It is likely that there will be lesser and lesser BTO plots released in mature estates of the west in the future (i.e) Jurong, Clementi, Queenstown, Redhill, Bukit Timah.

I recall a saying that goes like this -

If you don't have good feelings about a property, you don't have to go for it. There will always be other opportunities.

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