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Some interesting facts found:

********* Team was formed
May 1998 marked the inception of the Singapore Overclockers Group (SOG), where Jackie Lee, the founder teamed up with fellow undergraduates Ang Chi Hoe and Eugene Low, and eventually Jereme Wong, Poh Swee Hong, and Dr Jimmy Tang.

********* Official launch of Singapore Hardware Zone
SOG had a change in name to Singapore Hardware Zone, with 9th August 1998 being the official launch

********* HardwareZone forum
Hardware clinic was set up, and other tech *********clinics********* soon established after. The Eat-Drink-Man-Woman (EDMW) forum was created to embrace topics that were *********off-topic*********. EDMW is now Singapore*********s undisputed #1 chit-chat forum and has frequently captured or reported news faster around the country than the official mass media or social media.

Jskm. After being bought by sph, think now they became bbfa and pcw in edmw
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