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Hello guys.

As the title states, Iím looking to study economics or statistics in UK. Money shouldnít be a problem.

Pretty average student from SP, expected to graduate with a GPA of 3.7 from a related diploma. If I didnít remember wrongly, scored A1 for both Oís EMath and AMath. A2 for EL.

Could I kindly request some recommendations on UK universities that are competent in both the economics and statistics fields? Letís leave out OxBridge and LSE as I donít meet the entry requirements...

Thanks and cheers.

There are loads of info you can refer to to narrow down the list of Uni you can shortlist. These info are by no means any bible.

another thing to note, are you considering any exemptions? better uni typically do not grant any exemptions. without exemptions with say Warwick are you willing to spend 3yrs @ ~GBP35K/yr or total of ~sgd$190k.

if money really isn't a problem I would go for the best uni your grades can get u regardless of country.
If so can try allow u to double major but cost is high. 4 yrs ~usd$250k

Cheaper options will be uni of Toronto or UBC but they cost ~cad$200k May get half a semester advanced standing lowering cost by cad$20-30k,304,933,0

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