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Hi all. Apologies if im gonna offend anyone by asking these questions:-

1. The IO has yet to contact me. I have been sending to him via email the receipts and evidence etc. Even left him a message to return my call.

2. Is there an outlet that I can show the profile pic of the scammer's whatsapp? I am aware that any WhatsApp user can use any pics they want but just in case that profile pic is innocent, shouldnt he or she made aware that his or her pic is used for such crime?

3. The scammer in question told me his name and which company he is working for, I've done a search after the scam and note that the company which is a sole proprietorship has since cancelled the business. I have the name of the sole proprietor and his address as well.

Any thoughts is most welcome. I hope to create awareness and as SG citizens we should look out for one another and work hand in hand with the authorities.
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