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I'm also on AC power all the time and my laptop is on for around 15hrs daily. Every once a while I will drained it by switching over to using battery. I also made a point to check the battery health using tool like Nirsoft BatteryInfoView.

Unfortunately, Asus Battery Health Charging utility doesn't work on my model.
I used a laptop at my office. I didn't carry the laptop around.

Never bothered with the battery at all, which was inside the laptop 365 days.

All I knew was that when I went to work, the laptop would power up when I press the "on" switch. And the laptop was connected to the AC all the time. I'd switch that off when I left the office.

It was a HP, and lasted me for more than 8 years till I decided to buy a new model with more this, better that...though I didn't really need all those as I didn't do a lot of heavy stuff like accounts, hr, engineering, design, and so on.
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