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I used a laptop at my office. I didn't carry the laptop around.

Never bothered with the battery at all, which was inside the laptop 365 days.

All I knew was that when I went to work, the laptop would power up when I press the "on" switch. And the laptop was connected to the AC all the time. I'd switch that off when I left the office.

It was a HP, and lasted me for more than 8 years till I decided to buy a new model with more this, better that...though I didn't really need all those as I didn't do a lot of heavy stuff like accounts, hr, engineering, design, and so on.
Most would care less about office laptop, it's only during power outage that one would start to appreciate it especially if working on important document.

Well, laptop battery will degrade over a period of time. My Dell laptop is still working after 10yrs but the battery can only last less than 30mins. My current Asus laptop is around 4yrs and battery condition is still healthy and lasted more than 3.5hrs.
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