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Just to share my experience. Got my android box from red bean at sls L1. Bought it last year for my mother. After While, she complained it can't be used anymore.

Today I brought it back to the shop as it has 3 years software warranty. Sounds good right?

Guess what, I go back, they tell me lots of the app can't be used anymore, if I want to jail break to watch more channels, I need to pay $40.. WTF right. Then I pointed out about the 3 years software warranty, then she just load in rss media, delete some of the obselet apps. Nothings else was done. For now, from 20+apps when I first buy, claiming all can watch n today, about 5 apps only.

Seriously? Best is just go to the net n learn how to find your own app, how to jail break. Or just subscribe to those app channel.
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