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(1) This morning there was an iOS PG update. I updated.

(2) There was this gym that was marked EX RAID GYM and I already received an ex-raid invitation for this gym on 2 Oct.

(3) The same gym has level 5 raid just now. I clicked on it and the black ex raid pass being used graphic appeared. However, I was able to complete the Mewtwo raid.

(4) After the raid, I checked, my ex raid pass is still in the inventory. My daily free pass is used.

Around my house there are 2 gyms marked as EX RAID GYM. Both gyms have issued ex raid passes for 2 Oct. Now it looks like the EX RAID GYM is supposed to indicate the gym that will be holding ex raid and has already issued the invitations. EX RAID GYM is not the gym that will be issuing ex raid invitations for the next wave.

In another park near my house, the 2 gyms in this park host ex raid in alternate week. Based on the above EX RAID GYM logic, if I want to get ex raid for the next wave, I will need to raid in the alternate gym that is not marked as EX RAID GYM.

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