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my computer will keep having spike lags/video stuttering every once in a while. do u think my graphics card spoil? i am using asus 1060GTX 3gb dual.
Are you watching video or gaming?

If video stuttering, are you sure you have set hardware acceleration in the media player? Open task manager and see what the application that you are playing the video on is using. If it really is the graphics, the GPU % utilization will be shown. If it is the CPU, then CPU will be higher.

If for gaming, chances are if your FPS looks stable at 60FPS, but the video is stuttering, high chance it might be CPU. This is slightly common on the Intel side.

Or.. Last option, it could be the bad Nvidia drivers. It happens. The one that I've been using was quite unstable. Game stutters to the point where my 1080 Ti, playing with medium settings on 1080p was dropping frames out of nowhere and stuttering. This week, after the latest driver update, back to a steady locked 240 FPS.
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