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When I started this thread almost 3 months ago, never thought I would live till today after being insomniac for going 2 weeks. I remember going up the the highest level and looking down after school every day, not wanting to jump but fearing that the next day would be the day I end it all.

I don't know whether the members that contributed in here felt this way too, not knowing when would be the last, but we have come a pretty long way haven't we? There were definitely extremely down and helpless moments that any reply here probably didn't manage to relieve the pain inside but one day after another, we are still surviving!

It's not going to be an easy journey but I hope we have built a strong community and found a little respite, solace and perhaps joy in here.

Really hope that if this thread manages to go on for years, the people that are in here will remain in here, checking in to report that you're still well and living.

Very thankful to have you all around to tcss to, sometimes even laughing at some replies when I think of them out of nowhere. Thank you all so much

Jiayou, all the best and only the very best to you all!!! We will all be fine hokays?!

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Thanks teakopi.
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