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Even if you don't feel the need to buy DLC, the option is still there taunting you everytime you open the menu to upgrade. That's why people were so pissed off with the Shadow of War shop.

Micro transactions that alter gameplay is just cancer, there is no reason it should ever exist from the consumer standpoint. It's such an ugly term that companies have to tell people their game doesn't contain any as a bonus.
Problem with microtransactions in single player games is that they are "pay to not play". You already paid money to buy the game, and you have to pay more money so you don't have to play it? Granted, you are paying to skip over parts of the game that are not fun to play (to level up quickly, to buy 'insurance' so you don't lose your things when your base gets attacked by other players while you are offline etc). This means that in order to 'encourage' you to pay, they will intentionally make the game (or parts of the game) no fun to play, make it extra grindy. Like Shadow of War, at first it feels ok, but later you will reach a point where it is obvious, and you realise so this is the part they are trying to get me to pay.
You all keep using SOW as an example, but if you've played DMC4 you'll know it's not the same. But you're still gonna whine about regardless? If they make it horribly grindy I'll eat my humble pie, but if it's the same it's basically a pay to cheat scenario in a single player game, which affects no one but the player.

My point is that we can all hate dlc, but we must also see if it's as bad as the other horrible implementations before going on a pointless rant.
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