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You all keep using SOW as an example, but if you've played DMC4 you'll know it's not the same. But you're still gonna whine about regardless? If they make it horribly grindy I'll eat my humble pie, but if it's the same it's basically a pay to cheat scenario in a single player game, which affects no one but the player.

My point is that we can all hate dlc, but we must also see if it's as bad as the other horrible implementations before going on a pointless rant.
That's the issue, you think pay to skip/cheat is fine but I think it's cancer for the gaming scene as a whole.
Just put easy mode, let players drop difficulty if they suck but paying for a boost is never ok.

The micro-transaction thing will always be in the back of your mind even if the default rate is good and you never paid any money for it.

There's a reason why micro-transaction is always blown out of porportions whenever a game announces that it has them included.
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