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That's the issue, you think pay to skip/cheat is fine but I think it's cancer for the gaming scene as a whole.
Just put easy mode, let players drop difficulty if they suck but paying for a boost is never ok.

The micro-transaction thing will always be in the back of your mind even if the default rate is good and you never paid any money for it.

There's a reason why micro-transaction is always blown out of porportions whenever a game announces that it has them included.
There is an easy mode, but if someone is so pathetic at playing, that's their business, not our place to tell them what to do with their money. Cheat codes are always locked behind an initial playthrough, so those too bad to even do the initial playthrough? Suck it?

Why would it be in the back of my mind if I never feel the need for it? That's a lack of self control on your part. It was there through the whole of DMC4, and I never knew it existed until I saw it on the PSN site.

It being blown out of proportions is all the more reason that those who are capable of rational thought don't just join the crazy train. That's how the media and the keyboard SJWs work these days. But if dlc is implemented in a useful and meaningful way, we don't have to condone it, but neither do we make pointless rants about it. It doesn't detracts from the normal gameplay, and offers a way out for rich, weakass gamers.
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