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I put nagasaki because its in the prefecture

any idea which day to free up?

or should i jus shift/drop the Yanagawa - River tour? to other day? D4, D7 or D11 ?

ya i nv been to hiroshima b4
personal prefer ba. see which places u want to prioritise.

for me, i not really into shopping, so i will probably drop Marinoa City since it is just an outlet mall. Canal city is just a mall also, so maybe can put it in one of the nights.

yanagawa river cruise was so-so for me only, but tt is because i cant understand japanese. the commentary, jokes, songs are all in japanese and i cant understand a thing. so it is just a boat ride thru the canals for me.
if u are planning to go yanagawa, u may want to consider getting their day pass which include the river cruise and train from fukuoka city. it also covers dazaifu.
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