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Bought a new TV a few days back (Samsung NU7100) and just only found out that it does not support 5GHz WiFi. Unbelievable for a 900 dollar TV in 2018...

Anyway, there's nothing I can do now but to connect to WiFi over 2.4ghz. however, I notice that my connection is not very stable and speed is very slow. I did a test with my galaxy s9, on the 2.4ghz band I am getting 5mbps download and 0.02mbps upload even though I am next to the router! On 5ghz I can get 400mbps each direction... I know 2.4ghz is a very congested band but I don't remember experiencing such slow speeds previously on my old router?

Is it my router is faulty? What else can I do? I upgrade to the latest firmware already
You could try improve your wifi signal by following these steps :

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