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Yeah should have but didn't think properly at that point ..

And I just got fired .. time to search for a new job ..
Bro sorry bro for your lost of job.. Seriously report to ROM for your job issues let this collectors learn their lesson.. I also owe lml there's 1 company ME.. I owe them 700 but I'm short so I tell them I can pay only $300 Okiee they accepted it then afew day later their worker called and tell me that every 3 days I have to pay $50 if not they send collectors lucky I got extra from freelance n I paid another $200 3 days later the the same guy called asked me y I nvr transferred the $50.. I told him I already transferred another $200 n updated their accounts he told me I still have to pay $50 every 3 days. He told me he is sending collectors over.. I told him sure you're doing your job but I did tell him once I receives the letter of demand and with proves of my payment n SMS I'll make a report to ROM..Suddenly he quiet n he says he'll talk to his boss n get back to me till now he quiet.. A lady from same company called n told end of the month I can make payment with the right figure. Bro all the best at the moment alot of bqt job paying $11 an hour b4 comes a good one.. Every Friday pay.. Flexible
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