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Yeah I'm thinking of reporting them to ROM as now I have lose my job because of them .. as I have no source of income now .. they can wait for thier money slowly .. going over to bgss now hopefully they can help take out a plan for me .

Thinking of doing redmart for now till almost all my debt is cleared . Or at least half .. then once I can spare abit more money for myself imma go apply a job at PSA ..

Edit , actually I have one case similar to you too .. don't have enough cash on due date and they told me to pay 200 first for the 350 payment . Paid on that day 200 , 2 days later call me and ask for balance 150 . Being unable to pay they send debt collector one time to my place . Then stop till im able to pay them at the end of the month
All the best for the future hope uml can get off your back...
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