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1) You can book trips up to about 11 months in advance.

2) If someone is spending $1m each month on dbs altitude, then the person is spending on the wrong card. Even if it doesn't qualify for the 4mpd spending, there are other cards that offer 1.4mpd for general spending. Or I'd prefer Citibank premier miles at 1.2mpd that offers transfer to more airlines for more options of redemption, why restrict yourself to only Krisflyer?

3) RTW trips for the family can be quite good redemption option, pending availability.

4) Miles for iPhone is a terrible use of miles, especially if you sell to ah beng shop and not get the full value of the phone back. $2195.33 for 274416 miles, that is $0.008 per mile. At 1.2mpd, you are getting only 0.96% cash back value (assuming full value of phone).
He is now using dbs insignia card, at 1.6mpd
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