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Hi, I am a bit confused with all the options with the digi prepaid

I would like to use the digi sim card for call and internet and recently got a prepaid digi sim from a relative.

I downloaded the Digi app to check the sim card, it expired earlier this September. But it still has 4rm balance. If I use 1rm to extend the account life for 1 day, will I have any data to use?

Thank you for reading!
Digi prepaid (not sure about postpaid) these days have offers under the "Box of Surprise" or "Offers" link. It's random, so you'll have to check in your app if there's any for your account. And depending on the version of your account, there may be free basic internet that you can use, though I'm not sure if the 1-day extension will allow you to use that or you'll have to do a reload first.
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