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For those who lost their jobs due to debt collectors from LML, what if you continue unable to pay, have you tried ignoring their debt colelctors?

For example, blocked their numbers? Since you have already lost your jobs, can they continue to send debt collectors to your house everyday? Everytime you will just refuse to meet with the debt collectors? Maybe after a few days, they will not bother you anymore?
LML you cannot just block and ignore even if you lost your job due to them. As debt collectors harassing people in office is technically not illegal but it falls inbetween a grey area. But like how everyone said earlier, please report them to ROM.

Will personally not recommend to ignore as this will result to more problems. Suggest you just go storm down their office and work a repayment plan with them. If they don't barge, find an organisation to negotiate on behalf.

As you owe LML is an legal contract, you cannot avoid paying up one. Eventually even at bad debt status, you still technically owe them money and they can claim it from you still within the given timeframe.

Hence, negotiating with them or get organisation to negotiate on behalf works best as they get what they want and you get what you want. (They just want their money back.)

For UML aspects, I think I need not explain further. Just don't pay.
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