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ya this is actually more like is it an option? haha buying wise I'm still gonna wait if any apple event soon.. if they bring same X's feature on ipad for sure it will either screen get bigger or the size getting smaller
I own the iPhone 7 and iPad mini 4.
Thought about the idea of replacing iPhone 7 with Max, also use it as a iPad mini 4 replacement.

But after trying the Max out, nope. The Max is too heavy and huge for me.
As a phone, the largest form factor I'd go with is the X/XS.

The Max screen size is also too small for me to read papers on, While the iPad Pros are not handy enough for me to read.

So I'd go for the iPhone XS for phone replacement, and keep the mini.

And yes, I think it'd be perfect if Apple updates the mini with a bezeless one. Having the same size, but bigger screen would be perfect.

I know there are iPhone Max/iPad Pro users here, but that's not ideal for my case use and preference.
I don't think the Xs Max will make a good replacement for the mini 4. An iPad and iPhone are different altogether and reading news wise, usually I'll use my iPad Pro 10.5. Even on my X it's also quite comfortable enough for reading news.

Though the mini 4's not very suitable for gaming now, but news reading is still fine.
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