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Just buy local and be done with it.

Not worth worrying about possible confiscation or additional shipping fees.

Many of the resellers and distributors here are generally open to bringing in models they do not stock on a one-time basis if you purchase a number of pieces from them.

For example, the local distributor for Victorinox actually brought in all the 111mm models I asked for as a special order without any additional charges.

Similarly, BlackTactical brought in many un-stocked Schrade models when I asked about the possibility of a special order. They can do so because they are the distributor for Schrade.

Lastly, another physical shop I frequent has brought in a number of Spyderco and CRKT models at my request.

But of course please be realistic. They cannot provide this special service if you're just buying one or two pieces. When i made these requests, I usually have a list of more than 5 models that I have in mind.
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