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Citibank SMRT is really good for low spenders like me (I hate the minimum spend game) although it is a little complicated and only worth using at the specific stores. I’ve been averaging 3.5% cash back despite spending only $250-350 each month. If you are a bigger spender, there are better cards.

Recently they made it easier to redeem the SMRT$ just send an SMS and the credit appears on your next statement.

Maximum 600 SMRT$ per year cap
Spend > $300/mo for the extra +0.3%

• Cathay, Filmgarde, GV, Shaw
• BK, KFC, McD, Pizza Hut, Subway**
• Starbucks*, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jean's
• Popular Bookstores

* plus 10% rebate on spend over $10
** plus 5% rebate on spend over $10

2.7-3% or 4.7-5% for transactions over $50
• NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Sheng Siong*

* plus 1-2% rebate on spend over $20-50

• Online purchases except travel

• Guardian, Watson’s, Unity
• SMRT w/$50 auto top-up (no fees)
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