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I have already looked through the forums, nothing mentioned about dead spots in new hdb bto thatís why Iím asking. 🤔

Different BTO HDB block of flats come with different design in the layout hence it is not much to compare on.

Usually those who seek advice would shared the layout of the flat and stated the intention on the usage as well as the type & number of devices required to be connected.
Example > New HDB BTO Flat - How do you connect your Home Fiber Network

Hence if you read thru some of the post in the above-mentioned link you may able to find out how one deal with dead/blind spots in providing the layout for some advice.

Most routers are able to use on most ISP and vice versa as those come with the bundle are usually tested and work well for basic usage.

The placement on the Routers are the main point to take note to have a better wireless coverage.

Beside in some flats may need additional routers with wired connection for stable connection.
If not then there is the option on using mesh network as the alternative without any wired data points.

In my BTO HDB 5-room flat there is one main router in the living room and it do serve well in the wireless coverage including kitchen/dining & other bedroom.
And i do have an additional router connected via data point in my bedroom at the end of the flat.
Btw both routers are DLink DIR-868L which are good and stable.. although there are users who complain on issues.

My contract is already due and would consider to take this Linksys EA8100 option instead on Google Wifi should i opt for HomeHub package.
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