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Hi, so my Asus g550jk laptop seems to have a problem.

In the midst of typing something, or playing games, or watching videos my screen will just suddenly turn black even though the backlight’s still on.

To turn it back on I would have to press Fn+F7 to disable the screen, wobble the monitor, then press Fn+F7 again to enable the screen, this brings back the display back to normal, however few seconds/minutes later it will randomly turn black again and I had to do the Fn+F7 again.

Does anyone know what the problem is? And how it can be fixed?

If you guys are wondering, this is what the F7 key functions as:

Most likely the screen is not working and may need to be replaced.

Try to connect via HDMI port to external monitor to see if the screen display is still working or not.
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