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Hi All, this is the first time in my life I borrowed to LS as in the beginning I thought that it was licensed moneylender as when I made enquiry they told me that it's licensed moneylender but now they improving the service whereby you can submit all your documents online. It has been few months I payment to them no issue, but as time goes by I need to loan more as I don't have money anymore to pay, after that this person told me that he can loan out up to 6k for me so that I can pay all my debt to other LS and I just stick to 1, in the end he cheated me he transferred money to my account without my consent 700 and the next day he msg me that he transferred the money already but that one is for trial loan first, I told him that I don't want that amount Im didn't request for that and why u transferred the money without my consent, so I want to return it and he gave me the account number and I transferred back to him, after few minutes he told me that he wants another 2k as I broke the contract which is i Never had agreement for this. And started to threaten me and called my husband and my home number, my husband got a shock and I kena big time, and he direct me to make police report and we went together and made report, and he started to send us the burning house video and all those scary threaten and also threaten me will make me lose my job, now I don't know what to do, as all the 5 LS that I borrowed started to call me ask for money, but I don't have money anymore and my bank account is now under police investigation. Please kindly advise me what I should do now?

Thank you
Just wait for them to come..they come harass u then police got job to need scare those video.treat as netflix lo..install a CCTV to capture those fker face if they come harass
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