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Close ur bank account, change ur number, install cctv, itís best to tell ur boss the truth but also, if not u can just tell them itís a scam inform ur NOK, and company and whatever info they have on u first so u can protect urself...hang in there...

Remember donít pay anymore....itís an endless cycle once u get involved with LS....doesnít matter how Long they had been nice to the end all also revealed their true colours......the one giving me problem also been nice to me in the past when I cleared reguarly, recently start pattern transfer without consent then I realise that things canít be solved nicely again I just stop replying and paying.....
Thank you so much everyone for your encouragement and advise really appreciated.. Tomorrow I have appointment with my IO.. Now I'm trying hard to pull my strength to inform my company.. I hope I don't lose my job.. Thanks again everyone
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