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Websites that ship knives to Singapore: Knifecenter, DLT trading, knifeworks. These websites are great websites for knives. Knifecenter ships knives starting from 14usd by USPS(Singpost for Singapore part). DLT trading ships knives starting from 20usd by Fedex. Knifeworks ships knives starting around 23 usd by USPS. You can find almost all the current production knives in here. Moreover, they have some amazing websites exclusive knife that you cannot find in Singapore.

Websites that provide knife shipping service: Comgateway. They can ship up to 3.75 inches for blade length. Higher than this you need to contact them for confirmation.

BTW, which model are you looking for? Some brands have a reasonable price at our local shop. Like Ruike, 200SGD+ Zero tolerance, 200SGD+ Benchmade, 200SGD+ We knife, Chris Reeve knife. But some brands like Spyderco and most of cheap knives, the price difference is huge. As a customer, I would not pay for the extra money just because they are the only one sell in local shop. Even at the USA price, the seller has a very huge profit at least more than 20% of the price.
Thanks for the advice bro

Im just starting out but its not for collection but for camping usage in Malaysia (Im writing into customs and SPF on how to walk this across Woodlands checkpoint).
Some that caught my eye is the Mora , Cold steel , Becker bk2

Im focusing on wood handles if possible and carbon steel. Blade length below 10inches for portability
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