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Focus on building your armies, upgrading your research and buildings. What barbarians as well. Try not to go for any of the other cities till you're stronger and in an alliance. When you are higher level you will realize that your resources will not be enough to do anything so send your troops out to get them.
dun whack town, troops loss very pain. just play simcity ba. unless your alliance found good targets to loot.

I only left 3 generals havent unlock. just saw the ss of t4 units. vomit blood. 23 days research.
I am in a alliance and just a couple of day we wiped out a guild that was cockblocking us to a pass. I did not really join in since i was kinda newbie but once in a while i see a rally and i think we can win, i will join in for the sake of guild activity. Every week players like me is expected to grow at least 100K in power arbo get kick lol.

So once in a while i just hoot some city here and there to rack up some kill score as a form of record for alliance leader to beo lor.
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