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Several points to note:

1. Is this dude a cancer researcher, or an anatomy/physiology professor? Title is inconsistent with content.

2. Whatever he is, he sure isn't a professor of nutrition or a professor of diabetes. As a comparison, should the general public all live in 3Gen HDB flats just because a social science professor specialising in political science publicly proclaims its worked best for him?

3. Even if we do consider him to be a subject matter expert, expert opinion is the absolute bottom rung in terms of quality of evidence.

4. The ketogenic diet is hardly well established in controlling type 2 diabetes. There is some emerging evidence that it may be effective, yes, but to call it "well established" is a long stretch.

5. The redeeming feature of this article is that it qualifies in no uncertain terms that this diet puts vulnerable people such as kidney/liver/pregnant patients at risk of "severe danger", and that keto should not be undertaken without professional supervision. It also correctly mentions that long term health outcomes are unknown. That's already 2 steps better than certain other rabidly pro-keto websites and even people on this forum.

Make no mistake: keto in the wrong patient can lead to harm. Not all diabetes patients (and not even all type 2 diabetes for that matter) are the same.
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