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Cut the crap KPC ..

ADA acknowledged that LC diet works in controlling the sugar for first 3 months, and effects taper significantly after for the next 2 years.

In fact ADA stated that Mediterranean diet's effect at controlling sugar appears the best among all other options.

Diets like DASH, mediterranean are way safer and sustainable for diabetics..

Why choose an inferior product fraught with dangers like keto?
1 small step at a time bah - coming from ADA !!!
Don't expect to move mountains there ..

I can say that your short-sighted thinking :
1. LC is not inferior
2. "Dangers" as such only due to User Error etc as the LC principles are ONLY logical n sound !!!!!

Regarding the SAFETY [ie NOT at all fraught with dangers] of keto

Read Peter Attia below

One other housekeeping issue: Ketosis versus DKA?

In a separate post, I explained the difference between nutritional ketosis (NK) and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). If this distinction is not clear, I’d suggest giving this separate post a quick skim for a refresher. DKA is a pathologic (i.e., harmful) state that results from the complete or near absence of insulin. This occurs in the setting of type 1 diabetes or very end-stage type 2 diabetes, and often as the result of a physiologic insult (e.g., an infection) where the patient is not receiving sufficient insulin to bring glucose into his cells. A person with a normal pancreas, regardless of how long he fasts (including the fellow I reference above who fasted for 382 days!) or how much he restricts carbohydrates, can not enter DKA because even a trace amount of insulin will keep B-OHB levels below about 7 or 8 mM, well below the threshold to develop the pathologic acid-base abnormalities associated with DKA. Let me reiterate, it is physiologically impossible to induce DKA in anyone that does not have T1D or very, very, very late-stage T2D with pancreatic “burnout.”

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