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1.Not keto-lchf only Liberal 130g LC

2. I prefer to be STILL able to enjoy life with some "processed starchy crap" n YET hv my Cake AND to eat it too being able to maintain good Blood Test Readings n hbA1C --------> obviously what I'm doing WORKS here !!!!

My most proud achievement in the Convincing Mom department was in getting stingy her Switched Over to pricier Coconut Oil from unhealthy PUFA Veg Seed Oils - in end-2016 after my research etc ....

Sadly tho' this switch came Too Late as mom was already beginning her Early Onset Dementia ....IF ONLY that realisation took place say 10 years Earlier then she could have avoided being afflicted with Dementia sighzzzzzzzz

Which means IF I had been aware of the benefits of the LC woe say 20-30 years back instead of only in 2016
Both of us would have avoided getting hit in the 1st place with these Metabolic Chronic ills too
You know that someone is beyond cure she she defends her diet and say nothing when someone calls her mum stupid
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