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1 small step at a time bah - coming from ADA !!!
Don't expect to move mountains there ..

I can say that your short-sighted thinking :
1. LC is not inferior
2. "Dangers" as such only due to User Error etc as the LC principles are ONLY logical n sound !!!!!
KPC likes to quote small lines from ADA and yet refuse to accept ADA conclusions and recomendations, like many of the other studies (PURE??) .... typical cherrypicking behaviour.

haha KPC is saying that one day if you get into life threatening complications of keto diet such as ketoacidosis, it is your own fault and not the diet itself.

Sound logic indeed...

Reminds me of the carnivore keto poster boy Shawn Baker becoming a diabetic after taking LC carnivore diet, giving all crap and pathetic excuses.

Nice one, KPC
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