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Maybe her diet helps in thickening skin.

Hey KPC, may I suggest your cult to invest in aesthetic medicine instead? It sure is a lucrative pot, more so then selling misguided info worldwide.
Wallow in shame in YOUR thick skin when the LC woe really gets acknowledged to be safe n not misguided info etc etc etc as it WILL in due course

It took MANY years to right the Great Cholesterol Myth
Same too will occur for the LC/LCHF/keto woe

Mummy1234 starting on the aesthetic medicine

(Altho' I STILL hv uncompleted pkgs at 2 of such aesthetic places - stopped going for now as didn't want to be pestered/badgered into signing up for more - told them will only buy IF lucky enough to tio Top TOTO as officially no income n retired ...)
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