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LML debt collectors came to my office, asking when I can return back the money. I said I not free to argue with him at the office area, he keep following me. Then, he asked me to come over, I obliged and he said to me "wah you like a dog ah, listen to what I said etc." He gave me 5 days to clear him, at least pay him 20% of the loan. The prob is, I don't have any money for him.
It is so embarssing, everyone looked at me when he talked so loudly. He said a lot of bad words. What should I do? He said he will come again if I don't pay.
Please report they're only debt collectors.. If they're persistent you follow.. Report their right is only to pass you letter of demand nothing else they can ask but they can't harass or say whatever they like even to tell the whole world you owe money also not allowed.. Like LS b4 loan everything can nice and beautiful after loan behave like CB same la collectors in YouTube bloody professional but after that thy behave like animals .. They're testing you.. Report ROM there's hotline number don't worry they'll help you.. If you get installment plans by the lmls..pls don't play punk..All the bros n sisters here go through worst than what we're going thru.. What they advice r good...
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