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Just want to share a little and thanks the forum members here as well.

(By the way im still in the midst of fighting these AL/scams/UML/Blackmailing), Not considered peaceful days yet as its only considered recent.

So im one of the victims in those UML scams , which they blackmail or threaten to do something to you when you dont give in to their request.

Wanted a larger amount but said needed test loan etc , after test loan all the pattern came . Want to cancel , but asked for cancellation fees etc etc. Note : i did not take any single cent from the AL at all. Paid more than the trial loan.

Im afraid of course , but i still went to the police.

Changed all phone line , bank account , installed CCTV.
Office wise, request for a changed line. Start all over again.

After doing all of these, the only thing to expect was a face to face confrontation.

I think peeps who are like me needed was support , courage and confidence.

I also have a bunch of friends who offered to camp in my house when they are free just hoping the commandos would appear. (with weapons)

We did that based on the frequency of suspicious personnel coming to my level and captured by CCTV and plan the next camping.

After doing all these, you feel stronger with courage. (Im just a weak fat bum in real life )

But now my mind would be “you put me in the lift with the UML that i know threaten me , i am gonna fight him to the end. Be it bloody fight or i end up in the hospital it doesnt matter i will still fight. Because these people threaten my family , my livelihood? If i dont fight , who will ?

Lastly support from family and friends and colleague , open your mouth and explain. Face not an issue at this point of time , you will get the face back when you passed all these obstacle because people respect your experiences. Money wise Open up a plan to them and hope they lend u the money to pass your financial crisis. People tend to be a little sympathetic when they see you in this state.

I just want to say guys , you have no choice when you are in this state. If your throw in the towel , u may be badly scarred for life.
But if you fight , you may not lose. Of couse you may have injury which time can heal.

Keep on fighting guys , stay strong and woop these people!
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