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got video from one of the more vocal keto docs!

"A very basic question to ask is Can Diabetics Eat a Ketogenic Diet? The answer is absolutely yes! If you want to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes you must eat the ketogenic way. Both the standard american diet and the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association will make your diabetes WORSE.

This is one of the lectures I gave on the 2018 Keto101 Cruise. It is longer than my usual videos, but I think you will find some useful info here."

Oh yes Dr Ken Berry uses keto to treat T2D etc
but surely falls among the 'LCHF Charlatans' label that the Anti-LCHF Camp loves to pin on them
He has a series of shorter videos too

Just 2 of the recent interesting comments below [but NOT a "Study" as n=1 so not worth believing or looking into etc] :

majorB1147 Baxt
15 hours ago
Iím so glad I started Keto. I was a type 2 diabetic. However, after doing Keto for a few months, my doctor took me off of Metformin. She also took me off of my cholesterol medication and reduced my blood pressure medication to 5 mg a day. I was about 330 lbs when I started Keto and Iím 273 now. I went from a 48 inch waist to a 40 inch waist. Keto for life!!!

Keto N Koffee with Marjorie
19 hours ago
I cant imagine anyone with diabetes not already finding keto. I would be searching day and night if I thought I would have to go on insulin. I know people trust their docs advice but wow, thats scary. Great talk doc! xoxoMarjorie
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