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I agree that T2D etc etc etc could also be reduced by OTHER alternative forms/ways of eating that basically n primarily eliminate or simply reduce the Bad CRAP refined processed FAKE Foods esp carbs like sugars starches grains n PUFA Veg Oils

But my unwavering firm POV is that the Low Carb Healthy (probably Lowish to Modersate Fat depending on your particular body needs n condition etc) Fat woe(=way of eating) IS simply THE most LOGICAL n HEALTHIEST woe - just apply some sheer logic n basic science !!!!

The ONLY macro that is Non-Essential to the human body is Carbs (since it can make its own carbs if really really needed from other macros)

AND Carbs in Excessive levels esp sugars or glucose CAN create/cause IR=Insulin Resistance or Inflammation the basic starting point for all the Metabolic Chronic Conditions such as obesity T2D HBP etc etc etc even some metabolic cancers Alzheimer's Parkinson's (+ brain-mental related conditions like Depression Psychotic Disorders rampant in esp Vegans too)

If you don't burn off excess carbs through exercise or an LC Low Carb woe you are simply heading for trouble - as simple as that !!!!

No rocket science required in understanding basic science n sheer logic !!!!!
Excellent write up

First time reading about the dangers of PUFAs. Next goal is to avoid PUFA oils which are most damaging
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