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Govt Hospitals Refused to Accept us. Stuck in private hospital and stuck 240k bill

Dear all
Need your help

Was in private hospital but was heavily overcharged. When we saw the interim bill on day 5 we decided to transfer to a govt hospital.despite exhausting all our efforts no govt hospital wanted to take in an icu patient. Went down to the govt hospital to plead with them but was still rejected. No choice we waited every day hoping to get news that we can transfer to a govt hospital as we know we cannot afford long stay at a private hospital. Till day 26 then we managed to get into a govt hospital icu through a very kind dr help. However for 26 days at a private hospital we were charged S$240000. No middle income group can afford this price as we were charged rental of equipment for 26 days S$34000. Pharmacy S$ govt hospital the icu charge is inclusive of equipments. It was also not made known to us there will be equipment rental charge. During financial counselling we were told of icu and nursing charge and estimated bill size of S$40k.
Went to seek help from MOH for this overcharge. But it seems that MOH is not prepared to help to look into this overcharge matter. If govt hospital had accepted us we would not have to be in deep trouble of paying S$240000.

Anyone can help and advise
Many thanks

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