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Hi guys, my brother went to get involved with a UML on whatsapp. We repaid $750 5 days after he loaned $500, I got the guy to send me evidence yesterday and he did. But today they are getting another guy to harass my father saying that his son (my brother) owe them $800. I texted the guy and asked for evidence, he said will call me later but there is no evidence as of now.

I am speculating that these started after my brother went to those shop front ML (UML in disguise?) for loans (total of 3) found out by buying his credit report from the credit bureau. And also the need for more money was due to him befriending a girl on some dating app, saw his transactions that he was sending her several thousands.

Saw some of the posts here that we should call ROM, what does ROM stand for?

Also, would greatly appreciate if you guys could introduce some counsellor or help groups for my brother.

Experiencing this firsthand, I also want play my part in making these unethical *******s out of business.

Thank you.
Wah Ur brother hero borrow from uml to spend on Siam bu....
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