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Thank you everyone for support.

Police report - done
CCTV - ordered will collect on Sat
Close acc - not yet
Change number- cannot, work related
Block UML - not yet since I donít want them to start harass yet before I tell NOK
Inform office - plan to do next week when boss is back
Inform NOK - most difficult part for me - still need to find the way. Might just tell them that I got scammed.

The only worry is, I will be in AUS by the end of this month for work so Iím afraid that my house might not be safe since only my maid, my son and my father in law stay there (he has stroke). My husband is working overseas and only come back on weekend.
Ur checklist u can do and save it on ur notes...please donít provide sensitive details over here since itís a public space....u think they will wait for ur boss to come back then start harassing...? U have to let him know Long can u hold them off...? NOK is always the hardest but they deserve the truth since things already happened and we got them involved unwillingly too....but we all did it so can you....all the best and hang in there...
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