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Responded to an sms on monthly loan and ULM responded saying that I have no records and had to take a trial loan of $700. After getting all my information, he proceed to transfer me $650 saying $50 was for admin fees and asked to pay back 2 days later the said amount of $900. 2nd day when msg him to transfer the $900 to clear loan, he said that I must inform him one day before and ask me to tsfr $200 instead for defer. By now, I knew I was scammed so I tsfr $200 and said that I want to clear the amount on the 4th day and he said ok. Came 4th day, and I keep msg him for the acct no, and he keep delaying saying that he has no acct for me to clear and told to wait. Almost to 6.45pm, he called me to say that he has no acct for me to clear loan and asked me to defer another day to pay him $200 and he will refund me the money back when I clear my loan. I didn’t take the chance, when he text me the acct no, I transfer him the $900 and send him the receipt. He said all $900 will be taken in as interest and my loan is still running. I blocked and reported him as SPAM on whatsapp, off my hp. I reported to the SPF and install “CCTV” at my unit. This all started on the 2nd Oct, and by 6th Oct, I had paid including his loan ($650) a total of $1100. He has my hubby contact, my office and home..and I haven’t hear from him since the 6th. Wondering when he will strike ☹ having sleepless nights
Were u so hard up for that 700 loan?

I mean, 2 days later u had 900 to pay him back already

Just curious..
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