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This is what they call - "phishing". These people will try "tricks" and methods to fish information - bits from everything they know about u and then use these information to threaten you.
I mention earlier in one of the postings here - Information and data about u can be used to do a whole lot of things. One phone number, one ic number, one address and one NOK information is the starting block to get more details of other things.
Common places of how our information is given to them unknowingly are :
1. Phone calls enquiring about stuffs you wouldnt normally divulge - by using offers or discounts as a cover.
2. Online enquiries for loans in the web - with you entering all your details online giving them easy access to your information.
3. Calls that pretended to be wrong number or ask whther u are working there (if they have your workplace number).

So people be very very careful with sharing your details or information about u or your family anywhere. BE vigilant and do not be easily enticed by offers or convenience online as your data maybe misused in cases like loan scams etc.
To add on.. Dont forget, they might have people working in some data companies or what.. We wont know.

Or jus a missed call n ask, where r u calling frm? Which company? Thats it liao.

Or maybe some debtors kena threaten to feed info?

I alr told my kids not to reply to strangers. I told my helper the same.
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