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I meet and show it to you better, so can poison you in person!

But seriously, it isn't very practical if you're using it for diving and somehow want to rotate the bezel underwater. With the crown screwed down, the bezel is locked and cannot be rotated. Unscrewing the crown also disengages the lock (it's a clamp) so you can rotate the bezel. So you risk water compromise if you wanna rotate the bezel underwater. The whole concept is clunky and quirksome, and I love it all the more for it!
I see, that's really cool! So I guess it's a clamp like thing that locks the bezel when pushed in.

Does make sense from the POV that when you've rotated the bezel above the water, you don't want it to move in the water, though if you've made a mistake then that'd be an issue.
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