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Iíve lived in Jurong West Extension for all my life; 22 years. Have seen the area develop from the time when there was very limited amenities, so I know roughly how the pioneer batch of Tengah residents would have to go through...

A little background info
1. I was born in 1996.
2. Jurong West sports complex only opened around December 2006. Before that, have to go to Jurong East sports complex or Bukit Batok swimming complex.
2b. My primary 4 sports day, in April 2006, before Jurong West stadium opened, was in Singapore Poly stadium, at Dover. Point is, imagine having to go to elsewhere for the amenities, as they are not yet available at Tengah.
3. Jurong West library was at Jurong Point level 4 before moving to the Frontier CC in 2006.
3b. Boon Lay Bus Interchange, Boon Lay MRT Extension (Pioneer & Joo Koon), plus Jurong Point Extension...
3c. Point: the central area of Jurong West Extension was a construction site for a period of time, from 2005 to 2009.

... the con of living in an entirely new town is there.

Sure, some road connections to PIE and Bukit Batok is there, and public bus connections to surrounding MRT station(s) at Bukit Batok, Jurong East, Chinese Garden, etcetera. will be available whenever the new flats are ready.

But the pioneer batch of Tengah residents have to be prepared to travel long distances to other towns for amenities, such as grocery shopping, sports complex, polyclinic, etcetera.

Nearest shopping centre is no doubt West Mall at Bukit Batok, and the more-renowned JEM and West Gate at Jurong East. Thereís 160 to Jurong East, and several buses to Bukit Batok. Around 20 minutes ride. So, thatís the alternative.

Whereas people (eg. Jurong West residents) usually take around 10 minutes to travel to town centre to take MRT or buy things, the pioneer batch of Tengah residents have to take around 20 minutes to travel further to Bukit Batok or Jurong East to take MRT or buy things. This is the negative of being the pioneer batch of an entirely new town.

Also, about the construction site, itís legit. Construction sites all over. For sure security will be in place to make sure the construction workers wonít disturb the residents. But the dust and noise confirm will be there.

Better to buy Punggol if you want new flat and set up family at the same time. Punggol is more family friendly. Tengah will take a while for it to be develop and be family friendly, whereby the infrastructure is there and services readily available to serve the community.

Community amenities may seem little to the adults. But to the children who spend most of their time in the neighbourhood, I donít think itís healthy for them to be in an under-construction town all the time, whereby everyday is just school and home... and confirm family time also have to travel out.

Of course, the pro is that because Tengah is an entirely new town, the price is at its lowest. But in my opinion, itís good for long-term investment only, but not good for setting up family.

Setting up family would be better in Punggol. Of course Tengah as a new town would still be new by the time the pioneer batch of Tengah children become adults, like the people like me who were the first generation of ďJurong West Extension childrenĒ... but, considering there are other places that are more established, with amenities already available, like Punggol, Canberra, etcetera. Wouldnít it be better to buy housing apartment over there, as compared to Tengah?

Just saying...

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