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^^ I think FatPat is just responding to your many concerns about mosquitoes. Certainly do not think anyone is trying to insinuate anything. I personally feel mosquitoes will breed anywhere. My friend put up mosquito nets at the window and he stays further down at the BTOs around Keat Hong. They say the big forest opposite brings in many mozzies. Personally I will not do that as it reduces the draft that comes into the flat and I like the breeze.

Appreciate the nice discussion going on here. Tengah's main pool of interests will come from those who have parents in the West and want to continue to be around the area. I believe Tengah will be the main source of non mature BTOs in the west in the years to come as most other areas are already pretty full. Any further east and we are looking at mature estate prices (ie 5 Room becomes unaffordable for those newly starting a family).

Nice to see we have a small community of people interested in a place here, the west has never been a hot spot for anything in general. Haha.
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